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Mr Tang

Zhang Xinwei

Release year: 2013

Run time: 64 mins

Film type: Documentary


This film is about a 90-year-old retired English teacher, Mr Tang, who lives in Zhuhai, Guangdong. The film is divided into four parts: teaching, stories, relationships and growing old. Through the documentarian's growing acquaintance with Mr Tang, the life of an old man in his twilight years is revealed.


Director biography

Zhang Xinwei, a native of Laiwu, Shandong Province, graduated from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai in 2009 majoring in film and television choreography. He was involved in the filming of the official documentary of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Director's statement

In 2006, I met Mr. Tang by chance; in 2007, the first footage was shot; in June 2012, the editing was completed. Mr Tang is still spending his spare time teaching English to children and I have gone from being a university student to a young man waiting for a job.