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Live for Food

Shang Ming

Release year: 2017

Run time: 63 mins

Film type: Documentary


This is a story about a diplomat-turned-farmer, Ms. Zhang, who's leading a one-woman crusade to implement her philosophy of sustainable farming. She’s transformed a chemical-polluted area into organic farmland and supported it by selling the produce to city consumers. Will her initiative become sustainable and provide a possible solution for other heavily pesticide- and fertilizer-polluted farmlands in China? Following her story, the film explores the endangered Chinese food system, and observes the dilemmas of land use and food consumption. It also reflects on the low social status and limited income of Chinese farmers. Will sustainable farming bring change for them too?


Director biography

Shang Ming spent 16 years in the television industry. He has worked for numerous domestic and overseas TV stations and film companies, including France 24, Channel 4, Arte, CCTV, and The Travel Channel. He produces various different types of programmes, such as news report, short documentaries and biographical films. His works include Children Village, Huai River’s Pollution and Mao’s Double.