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Little Feet

Bai budan

Release year: 2006

Run time: 72 mins

Film type: Documentary


Xiayao Village, Youyu County, Shanxi ProvinceThe 7-year-old and big-footed Bai Nu and Liu Buhan, both of whom died because of their loved ones, were brought together with their three children more than 40 years ago. (Bai Danu 2 Men 1 Women) (Liu Buhan 3 (Daughter) Nowadays, the children have become grandparents, and most of them are not next to Bai Bainu and Liu Buhan. The children of both sides have differences over the old age of raising the two elderly people ... so despite the two They are all in their eighties, and still need to get up and return to the field to farm in the morning and night, and the old lady Bai is more because of her little feet, she has to stagger in the wind and rain, kneeling in the fields ... A foot-binding old lady faces the camera and talks to her little feet ...


Director biography

Bai Budan Director, cartoonist. Bom in 1971, Shanxi provience.Main works include: Family with Bound-feet, The Red Holy Land, The Miners Sketch.