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Land Form

Li Ning

Release year: 2008-09

Film type: Experimental film


This is a collaboration between Chinese artist Li Ning and Norwegian artist Erikk (now living in the Netherlands). The theme is about sand, time, civilization, differences between East and West, and the cycle of life. Two human bodies with amnesia, maybe they were alien astronauts? Did they fall on Earth? How do they survive? Where do they go? The distant history may be the present? The magnificent scenery may be just an illusion? The director is the same as us, facing these same confusions.


Director biography

Li Ning, born in 1972, is a theatre and film director, a physical education researcher and practitioner, and a curator.
He graduated from the Fine Arts Education Department of Shandong Art Academy, specializing in sculpture. In 1997, he founded The Physical Guerrillas, a group engaged in the creation of physical theatre and live performance art, performed at home and abroad.
As an artist, he has created a large number of theatre and film works, many of which have become classics of contemporary Chinese physical theatre and video art, and he is also recognized as a representative of these two fields.