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Lady of the Harbour

Sean Ali Wang, Wang Yuguo

Release year: 2017

Run time: 90 mins

Film type: Documentary


Millions of Middle Eastern refugees have arrived in Greece seeking asylum. Suzanna Chen Xueyan, a prominent figure in Athens' Chinatown, has been actively lobbying and organizing a team of Chinese volunteers in Greece. Carrying goods from shops in Chinatown such as shoes and hats from Yiwu and jeans from Guangdong, she ventures out of the closed confines of Chinatown to assist the new arrivals in islands, border areas, and refugee camps. Chen Xueyan's actions are also an attempt to make up for the regret of her father's untimely death and to regain the affection of her daughter, who has been separated from her for years. Faced with opposition from Chinese friends, lack of cooperation from her Greek husband, skepticism from Western volunteers, and objections from teammates, will the resolute Suzanna Chen Xueyan be able to carve out her own path?


Director biography

Sean Ali Wang is a Hui-Chinese documentary film director, cinematographer and editor born in 1991 and grew up in Beijing. After graduated from Communication University of China for BA and Beijing Film Academy for his first MA, he has been a freelance filmmaker for years. Currently he is majoring in Fine Art for his second MA in University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands. His debut feature-length documentary film Lady of the Harbour had its world premiere at IDFA 2017. His second documentary film A Marble Travelogue was premiered at IDFA 2021 and won the Best Documentary Award at Reykjavík IFF and Duhok IFF and Jury Award in WIP section of Pingyao IFF. It was also selected at more than 40 international film festivals including Visions du Reel, CPH:DOX, Hotdocs, Melbourne IFF, Art of the Real Lincoln Center, DMZ, Thessaloniki and Hainan Island IFF etc. It was broadcasted on broadcasters such as ARTE, NHK, ERT, RTS, KBS and was theatrically released in Spain. Yuguo Wang was born in Chengde, Hebei Province, China in 1964. He has been a international news corespondent for 20 years for CCTV.

Director's statement

Lady of the Harbour and A Marble Travelogue are two films I directed focusing on stories between China and Europe. The debut film Lady of the Harbour depicts the efforts of the Chinese community in Greece to support Syrian refugees, highlighting the movement of people between continents.