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Kun 1: Action

Wu Haohao

Release year: 2009

Run time: 76 mins

Film type: Documentary


This film is a typical auteur movie and behavior movie(named by Haohao WU, and integration of thoughts and behaviors after the contradictory fight). It is a combination of documentary and set-up which follows the venation of Haohao's poems. Limitations and contradictions always exist intentionally, but that's not important; instead, it's important to extend the limitations and integrate contradictions continually. Haohao was born in 1986 in China. Now he's 23 years old. He is a youth, a youth like the early morning sun at 8 to 9 (a quatation from Chairman Mao). In the film Haohao went through college life, memory, prospect, communism society etc. and such fragments obsceneand dissolute life of college, a speech on the cillege dais, the feeling of enter to others’ lives, the criticization and reform of self. Seize the erection of love in memories to look for the time sense of belief. Expecting times and times again for making love with different girls, looking for the eternity after breaking. Think and take direct actions for the world communism after leaving the college to publicize his poetic world view on the Neo-Marxism. Act in the cemeteries of revolutionary and streets, and his whoops in Tian'anmen Square. Contemplating China and the world is integration for the post-modern fractions in the world environment


Director biography

Wu Haohao, born in 1986, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China; believes in Communism. Engage in paintings, video productions, and drama creations. Video works include: KUN series, Criticizing series, Action series, and Drama series. Criticize backward morality and culture; actively advocate self-improvements and social developments; confront problems directly and strive to working them out. His video works have been nominated in Rotterdam International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Turin International Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Munich Underground Documentary Film Festival, Taipei Biennial, Kochi Biennale. Besides, His works have been collected by various art institutions and universities, including Harvard University.