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I Would Not Mind If You Forget Me

Ma Zhandong

Release year: 2015

Run time: 10 minutes

Film type: Documentary


Truly heartbreaking beauty grows in imperfections, and easy-to-lose beauty always passes us shoulder to shoulder. It is difficult to grasp and it is infinitely regrettable.

The social attributes of human beings are partly defined by space, and space also has meaning because of human beings. Those fleeting emotions, the personal inner world, are diluted by urban space.

“External evidence” is a weird, strong term. The external world is treated as a single memory in the human inner world.

But what can be understood of you by others is your “external form”. Who you are is often not the inner self that we think of as ourselves, but the you “seen” in the eyes of others.

Your meaning lies in the form of your existence and the time of your disappearance.


Director biography

Ma Zhandong is an independent documentary producer who has filmed and produced tens of documentary films, long and short. His works have been screened at film festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark, France, Japan and Hong Kong. He has also made short art films and videos. He was interviewed by ARTE in 2009. He served as a final film juror for the 14th Beijing Independent Film Exhibition in China and as a shortlisting juror for the 12th FIRST Youth Film Exhibition.

His work One Day in May won the best documentary award in 2011 at the Chinese Documentary Festival in Hong Kong. Lao Zhao won the Documentary Humanitarian Award at the 12th China Independent Film Festival. Everybody is Nobody won the 33th ATP Award for Excellence in Tokyo).

Now he lives and works in Chengdu, China.