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I love Lakers

Ying Liang

Release year: 2008

Run time: 14 mins

Film type: Fiction


In the basketball team of the primary school , John Fung was the youngest and the grumpiest one. The Lakers are the idol of many people, and John Fung is no exception. But who has ever seen the Lakers in person? What John Fung saw was just a sequence of a television programme.


Director biography

Ying Liang, born in Shanghai in 1977, studied film in the Art Department of Beijing Normal University, and later graduated from the Directing Department of the Film School of Chongqing University. This change of location fully observes the differences in the economy, lifestyle and spiritual outlook between the East and the West, and it is reflected in his works.

Director's statement

I was on a bus when I encountered a child like the one in the film. All the adults on the bus were furious and unable to do anything about it. That scene in my life touched me so deeply that I came up with this short film, which is not very relevant to the adult world.