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I Beat Tiger When I Was Young

Xue Jianqiang

Release year: 2010

Run time: 74 mins

Film type: Documentary


An enfant terrible of the independent filmmaking scene, Xue Jianqiang went after a number of prize winning documentary filmmakers to see how they would respond to negative criticism. In his attempt to “realistically document human arrogance” as he puts it, he turns the tables on the directors who are used to filming other people’s lives. Indeed, they did not like it very much.


Director biography

Xue Jianqiang was born in Shan Xi Provence in 1984. His documentary works include Three Small Animals 2007\2009\2011, < em>I beat tiger when I was young, Martian Syndrome,1=0. His experimental short films include Lie Wilderness,There is no memories left. I have recorded everything, Buns.