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Have a Good Night

Jiang Hongyu

Release year: 2020

Run time: 126 mins

Film type: Drama


Xuan is a young man working in the film industry in Beijing. To make a documentary film that he wants to present at international festivals, he decides to take advantage of the holidays of the Day of the Dead to return to Chengdu, his hometown located at the other end of the country. The documentary he is about to make is about his relationship with his own lover. He leaves for Chengdu, accompanied by another man, Bo, the cameraman of the film. The two men take the train to Chengdu where Hong, Xuan’s lover, is waiting for them. From the first moment of their arrival at the station, Xuan and Bo begin to turn with their camera, Xuan having already explained to Bo what he wanted to film and that Hong would always be “playing”, Bo then trusting in Xuan. But Hong is more and more opposed to this camera and the presence of Bo.


Director biography

JIANG Hongyu was born in 1996 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. He is a director, actor, and scriptwriter. He started to realize his interest in movies after graduating from junior high school. He worked on more than ten shorts since 2012. Have a Good Night (An Wen Jiao) is his debut feature, which he wrote, directed, and played the lead actor.