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Grandfather, Great Famine

Guo Rui

Release year: 2013

Run time: 76 mins

Film type: Documentary


I have never met my grandfather, because he died before I was born. My parents mentioned my grandfather not much, so I knew little about him. In 2013, I went back to my father's village, Daguo Cun in Henan Sheng Linying Xian, where he was born and brought up, to interview the old people experienced the 1959-1961 famine. This progress revealed my grandfather's image gradually. Why did I go back to this village? I was neither born nor brought up here. I had no nostalgia. I think I am tracing the origin and power of my name. During my interviews, I constantly told the old people I was the granddaughter of Guo Gaoling. And this was the only way that I went close to the village people. I was increasingly curious about my grandfather after I knew that he was a cadre. How did he behave as a village head in the great famine? How's his daily life? What's his power and duty? At the same time, I was collecting the death stories and death names in the great famine. For me, grandfather and the great famine seem to be the chance and guide to my hometown.