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Good Cats

Ying Liang

Release year: 2008

Run time: 103 mins

Film type: Fiction


Zigong, an inland city in Sichuan, China's southwestern province, has suffered a sharp turnaround due to the radical rise of the real estate industry. The old business is collapsing, and a generation is replaced; the urban area has been dug into a construction site, and the village is no longer simple; some have gained red eyes, some have died of crying; the people are fighting against the capitalists, and the capitalists are fighting against the government. . . All this didn't come too early, but it came too fast, too crazy, that I didn't know where I was when I woke up. Luo Liang, a man who drives and runs errands for the real estate boss, is almost 30, riding a broken motorcycle, living in an old house, contented to be someone else's vassal, was ridiculed by his wife from an intellectual family, although he also has a dream— -Returning home. He is an accomplice of the capitalist, but he lives in the shadow of others. He can't save his marriage, get true love, and can't realize the family's ambition. Can't do it himself. Luo Liang's eyes are the eyes of my camera: a little numb, a little cruel, a little helpless, a little sad, and a little fantasy. . . In the end, he lay on the generous ground, looking up at the sky, not knowing where the way forward.


Director biography

Ying Liang, born in Shanghai in 1977, studied film in the Art Department of Beijing Normal University, and later graduated from the Directing Department of the Film School of Chongqing University. This change of location fully observes the differences in the economy, lifestyle and spiritual outlook between the East and the West, and it is reflected in his works.

Director's statement

The film might have been called "Black Cats and White Cats", a sentence from Deng Xiaoping: "No matter black cats or white cats, as long as they catch mice, they are good cats." Under such a value judgment, the tragedies of the times and the people are constantly being staged; and the value of human beings, like cats, is attached, humble, and manipulated at will. It is just a tool, whether it is a boss or a "dog leg". , Or a farmer, or a nail household. . . And "Black Cat and White Cat" is a title used by Kusturica. He is my favorite director and should not be offended, so I used the current name-
"Good Cat".
The cat also fits the current spirit of the times. It is a very "harmonious" animal. Isn't our government always saying: The Chinese are building a "harmonious society" and are also living in a "harmonious society"?

While editing, I was watching and thinking: Is life really like what I portrayed? Isn't it a little lost? A bit surreal? But it's a pity that life is basically what I portrayed, and maybe even I haven't observed, thought, and expressed thoroughly or truthfully! Many scenes and dialogues in the movie are what I personally experienced and heard. I wrote them down and filmed them to commemorate my life in Sichuan for the past seven years.