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Game Theory

Wang Qingren

Release year: 2010

Run time: 94 min

Film type: Documentary


This is a story about a five-year battle waged between the farmers of two villages and the local government over land-use rights. This documentary illustrates the subtle changes being made to the rules of the game between officials and citizens, and provides deep human insight into the loss, despair and increasing awareness experienced by common farmers in the pursuit of land-use rights.


Director biography

Wang Qingren, began to make documentaries in 2002. His works include:
In the Military Training Camp (producer, sound recording) (2003)
Floating Du (producer) (2003)
Camp China (director, camera, editor) (2004)
The Last Picture (director, camera, editor) (2005)
Chorus (director, camera, editor) (2007)
Game Theory (director, camera, editor) (2009)

Director's statement

Facing the threat of land-use rights, farmers in Liyuan and Maying villages are doing everything in their power to beat the system. Intense verbal confrontations are matched by under-the-radar strategic manoeuvring. This situation reflects the conditions of survival for present-day rural villages and their peasants. Game Theory illustrates the delicate interactions between the government and the farmers, as well as the subtle changes in the rules of the game between the officials and citizens under the current administrative system. Struggle is (part of) social progress. Through (ongoing) struggle, China is gravitating ever closer toward a more democratic society These struggles have resulted in many losses for both the government and the farmers, but have contributed to the growth of society as a whole. The struggle continues…