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From Chrysalis to Butterfly

Wang Yiren

Release year: 2005

Run time: 110 mins

Film type: Documentary


This is a film about change. In the spring of 2004, three young men, Xin'er, Xiu'er and Shasha, have to undergo a sex change operation in Changchun to transform themselves into the women they have longed for. Another clue is that in the process of Xinyi's and Xiu'er's "butterfly transformation", a bridge in Changchun, built during the period of the Manchus, is also blown to pieces by a violent means - demolition. It was blown to smithereens. A new bridge was quickly built on the same site. In today's world, both individual people and society as a whole sometimes use the most violent and bloody means to transform themselves, perhaps for the sole purpose of looking good.


Director biography

In 2002, Wang Yiren participated in establishing 'Changchun Movie Group' and shot “What’s the Meaning?”his first short film, which he followed with the independently-made short film“Po Wu”in 2003. In 2005, his feature documentary,“From Chrysalis to Butterfly”, was screened at the Yunnan Multi-culture Visual Festival, the 4th China Documentary Film Festival, the 4th China Independent Film Festival and the 2nd Beijing Independent Film Festival. In 2007 he made the short lm “People's free talk”.