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Ferry Chronicles: The Zhou Family

Guo Xizhi

Release year: 2020

Run time: 120 mins

Film type: Documentary


This documentary, edited over a period of six years, spans 20 years in the lifetime of three families of workers who were made redundant by their company. This work is divided into four parts, each part focusing on one family, the Zhou family, the He family and the Tao family, as well as one part about my hometown. This four-part documentary is an attempt to take a closer look at the process of privatisation in China over the past 20 years.


Director biography

Guo Xizhi, born in 1965, in Tongling, Anhui Province, graduated from the Chinese Department of East China Normal University in 1990 with a Masters degree in literature and art. He has published several articles in journals such as Reading. He has worked in a TV station and now teaches at Shenzhen University. His works have been screened often in international and domestic film festivals, and won some awards, as have the student films he directed.