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Fear and Trembling

Gan Xiaoer

Release year: 2009

Run time: 37 mins

Film type: Documentary


A young boy with horns on his head summoned a group of Cosers. Everyone had the same traditional carpentry tools. They gathered together from many different places, such as the canteen, the dilapidated Catholic church, the gate tower, the forest, the farmyard, the electric mahjong hall, and the castle

After labouring hard, they built a huge cross in the middle of the night.


Director biography

Wang Yunlong joined the military art troupe in the 1950s as an actor and choreographer and participated in the Sino-Vietnamese border war. In the late 1980s, he began to produce documentary films, completing more than 20 works. Among them, Singing Praise , which reflects the transformation of a peasant writer, and To Justify Bu Qinfu , about actors who died in the Cultural Revolution, have been highly critically acclaimed.