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Zhang Xinwei

Release year: 2009

Run time: 51 mins

Film type: Documentary


The film tells the story of a man's mid-life crisis, who retired from a state-owned enterprise in 2008 and chose to take out a loan to start a small trading company. The financial crisis in the second half of the year makes his trading company struggle. His wife often nags him because of some trivial matters, so that the old Zhang also has no peace of mind. His child will also be graduating from university in 2009. Zhang is juggling various roles in his life.


Director biography

Zhang Xinwei, a native of Laiwu, Shandong Province, graduated from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai in 2009 majoring in film and television choreography. He was involved in the filming of the official documentary of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Director's statement

I enter my father's world through images. This is a family video.