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Farewell 1988

Wang Shenghua

Release year: 2021

Run time: 103 mins

Film type: Documentary


On 30 September 2021, musician Zhao Yiran passed away after a long illness, ending his legendary life. He lived passionately, loved passionately and brought much music and joy to everyone. In his later years, Zhao was tormented by illness, living in isolation and rarely seeing people. In Farewell 1988, which chronicles his life in the rural suburbs of Beijing from 2017 to 2020, audiences are given a glimpse of the Zhao boss beneath the stage, his illness, his perseverance and rejection, his reflections and his regrets.


Director biography

Shenghua Wang, born in 1983, graduated from the Accounting Department of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Now lives in Yangling, Shaanxi. In 2016, he edited and completed the debut documentary "My Hope is on the Road" of the poet's travel theme, and was selected for the 13th Beijing Independent Video Exhibition. In 2017, he returned to his hometown in Shanxi to shoot the documentary feature film "Misty" in rural areas. In 2019, he filmed the poet's trilogy "Returning Home" and "Love on the Road".