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Family Phobia

Hu Xinyu

Release year: 2010

Run time: 177 mins

Film type: Documentary


Both my father and mother are retired at home. During the winter and summer holidays, my eldest sister often sends her children here and my father often gives him tutoring sessions. The second sister comes over to do some housework and take care of them when she has nothing to do. The older brother, a seafarer, came back from the US and wanted to continue his research on superconductivity in China. The third sister has been home twice for New Year's Eve and her American values have been the subject of much conversation in the family. The realistic approach does not change the temperament of the 60-square-metre home and the family. Pots and pans and inevitable bumps and quarrels. The usual pleasures and annoyances of my parents were basically the work and studies and health of these next two generations; and, yes, my marriage. My eldest sister's child is going to university; my second sister's child is also going to university; my brother went to the United States and returned home; my third sister came home from her annual holiday and had a fight and went back to work; my father's temper is getting bigger and bigger, and my mother is having the oddities that often occur in old age ......


Director biography

Independent filmmaker