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Fading Reflections

Sha Qing

Release year: 2011

Run time: 144 mins

Film type: Documentary


Lift the heavy curtain
And enter the secret mediocrity
See the dying hustle and bustle.
Remember how they are the extension of one another.
The encounter is fleeting, Like the reflection in the mirror.
In a brief pause
Everything becomes memory.
A temporal journey through the quiet inner sanctums of living quarters to the hustle and bustle of the outside world, from the north of China to the south.

The film is a personal contemplation about the sentimental awakening towards time and life. It is a voyage through memory.


Director biography

Sha Qing was born in Beijing in 1965. He started filmmaking as a sound recordist and editor for various documentaries. His debut film Wellspring was completed in 2002. He finished Fading Reflections in 2010, which is redeveloped into his new feature film Lone Existence (2016).

Director's statement

I wish I didn’t have to express myself and exchange ideas outside the filmic space of the movie. My choice to be a documentary filmmaker used to make me feel like a dancer in chains. Now if I choose to roam this vast land, it is not only to explore and trek in the scenery; each moment of joy and understanding is made richer by the presence of others.