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Face to Face

Ye Yun

Release year: 2010

Run time: 16 mins

Film type: Documentary


In dealing with the rich-poor disparity in nowadays fast-growing China, director chooses to present this sophisticated social situation in a simple way: splitting the screen in two and just posing the daily routines of two groups of children from two completely opposite classes. It powerfully reflects the huge gap between the rich and the poor while forthrightly point out the victimization of the children under this incomplete reformation in China.


Director biography

Ye Yun graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and is now a freelance creator, engaged in image and painting creation. The installation work "2008.01.01-2008.09.13" was selected for the outstanding works of the 2008 Shanghai International Biennale Student Exhibition. The video installation "Look Love" won the first prize of the Central Academy of Fine Arts's 2009 outstanding graduation work. The documentary "Looking on" Face to Face was selected for the 2012 Taiwan International Documentary Biennial Competition. The 2013 Yunzhinan Documentary Film Exhibition began shooting in 2009, the feature documentary "Look Love" developed from the imaging device. Look Love won the Sundance Documentary Society and Ford Fund. And the Busan Film Festival AND financial support. The film won the best documentary at the 20th Busan International Film Festival, was shortlisted for the Asian New Wave section of the 14th Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, and the newcomer competition section of the 28th Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.