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Xu Ruotao

Release year: 2017

Run time: 90 mins

Film type: Documentary


I have been documenting artist Hua Yong for three years. Filming has always been accompanied by accidents. Since his histrionic personality disorder made him the best storyteller, I found a painter like him and wanted to lock them up in a shack to perform the “Stanford prison experiment”.


Director biography

Xu Ruotao, born in 1968 in Shenyang, China, is a visual artist and film director who lives and works in Songzhuang, a growing artist village on the outskirts of the Beijing municipality. Xu began his career in the creative community of Yuanmingyuan, China’s first independent artist village. He started making films in 2000 and has produced two features, Yumen (2013) and Rumination (2009).