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Everyone Can Become a Buddha

A Nuo

Release year: 2018

Run time: 68 mins

Film type: Documentary


In Songzhuang, Beijing, there lived a painter named Gao Xin who behaved so strangely that in the bitter cold of winter, he ran through the streets topless. The villagers in the neighbourhood thought he was a psychopath. Gao Xin grew up loving painting, but his parents and lover did not support him, so at the age of 40 he divorced his wife and came to Songzhuang with his son, rented a studio and made his living by painting. and joy. Gao Xin often claimed that he had become a "Buddha", but I wonder if he really thought so, or if he intended to do so, or if he had other intentions. According to him, he had not studied Buddhism in depth and had never been a monk for a day, but he was so convinced that he had become a Buddha that he would spend long hours staring at a flower with tears streaming down his face, showing his transcendental side while also being well versed in the ways of the world. In his own words, his social life at the time was mainly about 'eating, drinking, whoring and gambling', and when he got tired of this life, he suddenly had an epiphany and quickly divorced, coming to Beijing to paint. What is purity? Art? Obviously neither.


Director biography

A Nuo (Huang Yongjin) is a director and artist, born in 1983 in Qinzhou, Guangxi, now living in Beijing. He has participated in many international and internal and external art exhibitions, and independently directed films and documentaries.