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Encountering Sorrow

Liu Dedong

Release year: 2015

Run time: 108 mins

Film type: Documentary


In a town submerged by water, a teenage boy threw himself into the water. His soul is still adrift and unsettled 30 years later. The film goes through desires and confusions of a man trying to communicate with his soul. It expresses the psychological conflict and separation of personality in his efforts to communicate. It is a kind of self-exploration and questioning, and a kind of introspection after the loss of the self.


Director biography

Liu Dedong, a Chinese documentary filmmaker and photographer, was born in 1965. He has directed and photographed the following documentaries: Kindergarten, Boatman, Ancestral House, Villain Country and Internet Era. Liu is the solo director of the documentaries “Trilogy of Mind”: Old Man Spring, New Lisao and Endless Cycle, which have expanded the academic territory of the expression mode of contemporary documentary film to a certain extent with its strong psychological color. His works have won many documentary awards and photography awards at home and abroad, such as the United States (New York) International Film Festival, Boston Independent Film Festival, Arabian Peninsula International Documentary Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Sichuan International Film Festival, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, Chinese Independent Film Festival and other documentary awards and photography awards.