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Dream On the Wall

Mingming and Luli Gao

Release year: 2022

Run time: 54 mins

Film type: Documentary


There is the world's longest crane flight path located in East China, which is home to numerous crane species. However, this area is currently under threat due to increasing development and habitat loss. Xianghai is situated within this flight path. To raise awareness about the importance of protecting their homeland environment, the art teacher and students from Xianghai School planned to create a mural on a town street wall. Initially, they conducted a survey among the community, including stores and restaurants, and received varying responses from people. With determination and hope, the children approached the town government, but encountered challenges... The teacher encouraged the students to express their experiences and thoughts through the mural, using them as inspiration. The mural is now beginning to take shape.


Director biography

Mingming worked as a designer for a construction company in Guizhou Province and also gained experience as a veterinarian. In 2001, she relocated to Beijing and took on roles such as an editor at a TV station and later as a vice-director for a production crew. She ventured into documentary filmmaking in 2004. Her works, including "Children at the Foot of the Great Wall," "Women Fifty Minutes," "We Want To Get Married," "Dream on the Wall," and "Sweat Desert" (currently in production), have been showcased at various notable venues such as the New York University Film Festival, China Documentary Film Festival, Asian Women's Film Festival (Berlin), Art Museum of the University of California, Berkeley, Chinese Documentary Festival 2010 in Hong Kong, South Taiwan Film Festival, Taiwan Women Make Waves Film Festival, and Beijing Queer Film Festival, among others. Luli Gao, a graduate of Nanjing Normal University with a major in journalism, has had a career spanning Jiangsu TV Station, CCTV, and the magazine Minjian. With twelve years of video editing experience, she possesses a profound understanding of environmental issues and a genuine affinity for nature.