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Dream China

Dong Jun

Run time: 3 mins*12

Film type: 12-channel video work


The imageless images of six snowflake dots and six sleeping Chinese figures in Dream China echo the twelve easily overlooked time sources in the upper left corner of the screen, creating a national code that is moving at breakneck speed. I hope that I am a ferryman with the viewer to the living site of what is happening. The absence of history is a sign of our presence. This regret is not without sadness, for we are each time making an effigy of time.


Director biography

Dong Jun was born in Xi'an. In 2001, he founded the non-profit art space "Liuhe Art Commune"; in 2005, he graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in photography, and then stayed as a teacher. Engaged in image creation for many years, participated in many domestic and foreign art exhibitions and film festivals, and won the 2005 Pingyao International Photography Festival Young Photographer Award. His works have been collected by academic institutions such as the Long March Foundation of the United States and the International Art Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Documentary works include "SARS Ongoing", "Anthracite Shop", "Models", "Party", etc.