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Dossier of Chinese Independent Cinema

Zhu Jingjiang

Release year: 2004

Run time: 50 mins


The film predominantly features interviews with over a dozen documentary filmmakers and researchers, including Wu Wenguang, Duan Jinchuan, Jiang Yue, Kang Jianning, Li Hong, Du Haibin, Yang Lina, and Hao Yuejun. It provides insights into their representative works, delves into their life experiences, and explores their creative philosophies.


Director biography

Zhu Jingjiang is professor of the School of Ethnology and Sociology, PhD supervisor, ethnographic film maker. He holds a Ph.d in Anthropology, Peking University. He is also the director of the Research Centre for Anthropology of Film and Television at the Central University for Nationalities. He has produced ethnographic documentaries such as "The Seven Sacred Temples", "Winter Pastures" and "Harmony with the Light", and published academic and cultural books such as "The Light of the Fields", "In the Wild and Watching", "The Fragrance of the Ink-Dyed Horseshoe" and "The Hometown Looks Back at the Pale".