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Distant Mountains, Roaring Engines

Liu Yangang

Release year: 2020

Run time: 114 mins

Film type: Drama


The child was found by Guangbin when he was young and raised, but one day the child's real parents found him and took him away, but Guangbin was not at home at the time and did not leave an address, only a phone number. Guang Bin is increasingly condemned, and wants to go back to the strange child, and has a hard time to say, but he is reminded by the landlady that he has met a strange poet who is also a miracle doctor in the hearts of the villagers, and the miracle doctor tells him a lot of things he has never heard before, and he has more questions and seemingly answers. When Oddie returns to his family of origin, they are torn apart, and the joy of his return slowly turns into stranger and stranger to him, until the discovery of his real father's secret, the appearance of a mysterious girl, and a chance encounter with the poet, accompanied by a sudden "Lunar Eclipse Festival" that shatters all plans .....


Director biography

Male, born on 27th March 1990, Aries, originally from Qingzhou, Shandong Province, now lives in Chengdu. He is a keen painter since childhood. He was an art student in high school. In 2010, he entered Sichuan Normal University to study fashion design and won the Top Ten Designer Award for his graduation work. In 2010, he enrolled in Sichuan Normal University to study Fashion Design and his graduation work won the Top Ten Designer Award. During his school years, he made three experimental short films "402", "Golden Childhood" and "Photographer D". After graduating, he has been working in the video industry, and in 2014, he went to Hangzhou to work with a TV drama crew for 6 months, during which his experimental short film "Photographer D" received a live review from Mr. Zhang Ming. In 2016, he made his first pseudo-documentary on a religious subject. In the same year, he participated in the China Independent Film Festival. He has been making experimental short films and some creative short films since then, without participating in any competitions.