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Devoted Love

Yugo Sologong

Release year: 2016

Run time: 30 mins

Film type: Documentary


The Ewenki people, who live in the Daxinganling Mountains, have been infected by modern life, with most of their young people moving away from reindeer herding and the forest, and the old fading fast. But there are still some of them who have stuck to the forest and lived with the reindeer, never leaving them. They want their culture to be inherited, not to disappear, because it is something they have loved all their lives. The film focuses on the life of the director's grandmother, Balajeyi.


Director biography

Yugo Sologong, an Ewenki director living in the Daxinganling Mountains, was the main character in Yugo and His Mother (2011), directed by Gu Tao. Transforming from the filmed to the filmmaker, he uses his own perspective to begin to reflect on the current situation of his people. His intimacy with his subjects also gives his films the dual qualities of interiority and exteriority.

Director's statement

Once, when I was looking for deer with my great uncle, during a break my great uncle said to me: “Yugo, I'll buy you a camera, you film it, we're going to disappear, there won't be any more deer-herding Ewenki people, at least not pure ones.” At that moment I realised what I needed to do, it was time to act, so I made this documentary.


  • Inner Mongolia Youth Film Week 2016