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Fu Xinhua

Release year: 2006

Run time: 35 mins

Film type: Fiction


A security guard in a certain district in Guangzhou leads a boring, dull life all day long. One day, the security guard spots a woman, follows the woman and discovers that she is having a rendezvous with a man who looks very similar to him. The security guard, unable to resist his curiosity, pushes open the door of the room, but then an accident happens.


Director biography

Fu Xinhua, male, was born in Xinjiang Changji State Farms Reclamation Corps in the 1970s. In 90 years, he studied in the Department of Biology of Xinjiang University and obtained a bachelor's degree. After graduation, he moved to many places to engage in market development and sales. In 1999, due to personal hobbies, he entered the Beijing Film Academy to study film creation. Since then, he has become involved in film and television. He has been engaged in marketing work in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shandong, and other places while getting involved in advertising planning and film creation. In 2001, he shot the 87-minute feature film "Kecun Street" in Guangzhou and Hunan.