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Church Cinema

Gan Xiaoer

Release year: 2008

Run time: 81 mins

Film type: Documentary


In the summer of 2007, the filmmaker Gan Xiao'er lead a projection team, with projector and a self-made screen, touring around the churches of Henan, holding eight screenings of his feature film,
Raised from Dust
. This 80-minute version of
Church Cinema
is the documentation of one of the locations—the church where the film was shot.


Director biography

Wang Yunlong joined the military art troupe in the 1950s as an actor and choreographer and participated in the Sino-Vietnamese border war. In the late 1980s, he began to produce documentary films, completing more than 20 works. Among them, Singing Praise , which reflects the transformation of a peasant writer, and To Justify Bu Qinfu , about actors who died in the Cultural Revolution, have been highly critically acclaimed.