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Sheng Zhimin

Release year: 2006

Run time: 96 mins

Film type: Fiction


Retired police officer Lao Li (played by He Xingquan) had been a widower for many years due to his wife's betrayal in his early years. His son Jianjun (played by Liao Zhong) was laid off a few years ago and now drives a taxi for a living. Due to his mother's abandonment during his early childhood, Jianjun has always been different from other children and has developed a taciturn personality. No one expected that just when Lao Li was preparing to find a companion to spend his remaining years with, his long-lost wife Xiue (played by Guan Jiangge) returned home, bringing along another son, Zhaolei (played by Xu Tao). Zhaolei is a typical troubled youth, and Xiue hopes that Lao Li, who used to be a police officer, can control this son who causes trouble all the time. Jianjun's wife Xiaohong (played by Wang Lan) has an ordinary appearance. In the days when she is seriously ill and nearing death, she finally understands why her handsome husband has been devoted to her throughout her life, and she dies without regrets. Despondent Zhaolei is abandoned by his idolized gang leader, simply because he has a stepfather who used to be a police officer. In despair, he can only seek solace from a girl from out of town, but can he find what he truly needs?


Director biography

Sheng Zhimin (born 1969) is a Chinese filmmaker from Beijing. Unlike other directors to emerge in recent years, Sheng has had no formal training. He instead began his career as a line producer, screenwriter, and assistant director for other filmmakers like Jia Zhangke, Fruit Chan and Zhang Yang.[1] In these positions, Sheng worked on the films Spicy Love Soup, Durian Durian, Public Toilet, and Platform.