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Before Graduation

He Kunyang

Release year: 2020

Run time: 47 mins

Film type: Fiction


Before her graduation, a college girl chances upon a jobless journalist in a library. The two volube strangers strike up a long conversation. The girl is full of smart intellectual buzzwords and the other party is a has-been literary youth. The ten year gap between the two interlocutors renders the conversation more of a reflection and recapitulation on the past roaring decade.


Director biography

Kunyang is a published writer, playwright, and independent filmmaker. He studied computer science at Wuhan University of Science & Technology before moving to the United Stated in 2007, where he studied creative writing and filmmaking. Beginning in 2009 when he founded his PVC Movie Studio, Kunyang has written and directed several short movies named Room Series and later his feature films Xu’s Little Lover I/II (2013, 2018), Xu: A Facetious Chinese (2014), Here Comes the Groom (2019), and Before Graduation (2020). Three of his movies have been enlisted and awarded in several film festivals including the Macau International Movie Festival (2019) and Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival (2020).

As a writer, Kunyang has published a novel in English – The College of Corn (2017) by Harvard Square Editions in New York and two books in Chinese – Tackling Chinglish (2020) in Guangzhou and Independent Filmmakers’ Startup Book (2020) in Chengdu, China.