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Back to Huamuling

Li Xinmin

Release year: 2011

Run time: 71 mins

Film type: Documentary


I grew up in Huamuling Village. In 2002, I left the village to make money when I was fourteen years old. Now, seven years later, I take a video camera for the first time and return to my village. I tried to film the life I had lived there and explore my relationship to the village. I also used the camera to interview the village elders about the past.


Director biography

Li Xinmin, was born in a village in Yunnan Province in 1988. She had just got the education for four years and had to withdraw for the financial program. She started to work to support her family in the city when she was 16 years old. Since 2007, she works as a resident artist at Caochangdi Workstation. She. She has completed her two documentaries Back to Huamuling (2011), Huamulin 2012 (2012). She also created and performed in Memory: Hunger (2010), Memory: Monument (2012).