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Archaeology of the Future: a clip

Cong Feng

Run time: 21 mins

Film type: Experimental Film


During the process of assembling the film Strata 2: TheThe Asthenosphere, a number of separate passages were produced, many of which were not used in the final version. I envisaged that some of these could stand alone in video form. Compared to the film's behemoth of rubble piled up from countless ruins, these passages could be considered separate bricks and mortar that could only reveal and speculate on the incomplete reality of the situation. A cinematic rope cannot pack and tie up all the images of the period; some of the rubble falls to the road in the big car full of this bulging cargo box, and as it starts up, picks up speed and takes off, the trajectory of the falling debris along the way marks the same whereabouts of the big car. This clip was originally intended to be used in the "Archaeology of the Future" section of the film. I have titled it "Archaeology of the Future: a clip" and sent it as a separate video, using a full video downloaded from Youku, unaltered, with only a title at the beginning and a text line at the end. No music, no narration subtitles.


Director biography

Poet and filmmaker Cong Feng was born in Chengde in 1972. He has previously worked at the National Satellite Meteorology Centre of China and as cultural editor for The International Herald Leader. He has also published two volumes of poetry and taught English to secondary school students. Since 2008, four of his documentaries have screened at the Beijing Independent Film Festival, including the film shot at the school where he taught, The Unfinished History of Life (2010).