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An Afternoon with Berti


Release year: 2023

Run time: 46 mins

Film type: Fiction


Berti, a 29-year-old Uyghur, is deeply in love with Mihriay, who was involved in all the protests… until she suddenly disappeared from activist circles and left France without any explanation. While waiting for her hypothetical return, Berti eases his loneliness by meeting new people.


Director biography

Tawfiq NIZAMIDIN was born in 1991 in Urumchi and received a master's degree in Fiction Film Directing from the Beijing Film Academy. Now he is continuing his career in Versaille, France. In 2017, his first short film The Night of Arzu was selected as one of the five nominees for Best Short Film at the Golden Horse Award Festival in Taipei and received the award for the Best Short Film at the China Independent Film Festival. In 2018, he finished his second short film Maria by the Sea, shot in Korea in collaboration with the Korean Academy of Film Arts, which premiered in the Voices Short program of the Rotterdam Film Festival. In the same year, this short film was selected for the Busan International Film Festival programme Community.