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A Yang Pingdao Film

Yang Pingdao

Release year: 2020

Run time: 86 mins

Film type: Drama


During the typhoon season in southern China, a middle-aged film director Yang Pingdao suspects his wife is having an affair. He attempts to follow his wife in secret with the help of a young intern girl to collect the evidence. Ironically, it is he who begins to have feelings for the intern girl. As the journey continues, the intern girl is still not sure what is happening. Perhaps the whole plot is an act for “A Yang Pingdao Film,” and maybe without her knowledge, she has actually been one of the characters from the start.


Director biography

Yang Pingdao is a writer and director based in Guangdong province. He was born in Yangchun, Guangdong, in 1980, and graduated in film directing from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. His documentaries have attended festivals in Beijing, Kunming, Xian, Leipzig, and London. On his incorporation of living and dead family members into his work, he says “I sensed when my grandmother was going to die… I felt powerless at that critical time, but I hope to do something this time. After a long time of deliberation, I thought the only thing I was able to do was to make a film about our family.”