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A Filmless Festival

Wang Wo

Release year: 2015

Run time: 85 mins

Film type: Documentary


This film documents the preparation and forced cancellation of the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival in 2014. The footage used for the film was captured by members of audience, festival workers, participating filmmakers and members of the press who witnessed the ‘the darkest day’ in the history of Chinese independent film.


Director biography

Wang Wo (王我) was born in Hebei Province, and is currently living in USA. He studied graphic design at the Central Academy of Arts and Design, and received an MA in Arts and Design from Tsinghua University. He began making films in 2004, establishing himself as one the innovative of the independent documentary filmmakers. His experimental documentaries include Outside (2005), Noise (2007), Zhe Teng: According to China (2010), The Dialogue (2014) and A Filmless Festival (2015). Along with his filmmaking, Wang established himself as an artist and graphic designer. His powerful posters for the Beijing Independent Film Festival are admired the world around.