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A Family Tour

Ying Liang

Release year: 2018

Run time: 109 mins

Film type: Fiction


This is director Ying Liang's autobiographical film, most of which was shot in Kaohsiung. Yang Shu, a Chinese director who was forced into exile in Hong Kong as a result of making a dissident film, came to Kaohsiung, Taiwan with her husband and son as a family after five years in order to meet her elderly mother. She followed her mother on a tour group trip. Over the course of several days together, the daughter is able to understand and accept her mother's difficulties and choices.


Director biography

Ying Liang, born in Shanghai in 1977, studied film in the Art Department of Beijing Normal University, and later graduated from the Directing Department of the Film School of Chongqing University. This change of location fully observes the differences in the economy, lifestyle and spiritual outlook between the East and the West, and it is reflected in his works.