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Xu Xing

Run time: 72 mins

Film type: Documentary


"5+5" is a documentary that takes the perspective of Lao Jin, a taxi driver, and uses his daily activities to mobilise the artists Lao Jin knows, reflecting the absurd, distorted and comical reality from his point of view and the gap between Lao Jin and various artists' perceptions of art and life, as the viewer sees 21st century China from a small Songzhuang.


Director biography

Xu Xing, born 1956 in Beijing, started his career as a novelist and writer. His publication Variation Without a Theme won him accolades at the Beijing University Art Festival and international acclaim and awards such as the Tucholsky Prize for Foreign Literature (Pen International) and “Order of the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” from the French Ministry of Culture for his translated work.

He has held fellowships and author-in-residence positions in Germany, France and the US. After turning to filmmaking, his documentaries were selected for film festivals garnering awards from Korea and the Awards Forum for Independent Documentary (AIF). His work has been widely shown in the US at Harvard, Yale & Columbia, and in Europe at Berlin, Rome & Aix-en-Provence a.o.