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CIFA holds a wide range of collections including a large number of independent films (shorts, features, animation, experimental films), documentary footage, oral history video and audio recordings, photos, posters, archival materials of film festivals/exhibitions, documents, publications, filmmakers’ diaries, and more. By visiting us in Newcastle, you will have access to most of these materials.

We present four categories on our website to provide an introduction to our main collections. In Film Database, you can find the detailed information on the films collected in our archive. Both our film collection and database are constantly expanding. In Oral Histories, selected oral history interview videos are published with the permission of the interviewees. More videos will be added in the future. Exhibition Culture will provide an archival space for over fifty different independent film festivals, exhibitions, events and institutions, and offer a comprehensive picture of independent film exhibition culture in the past three decades. In Photographs, we will showcase a selected range of photos from our collections.