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Chinese Independent Cinema And The Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival

ICHIYAMA Shozo Translator: WEN Hao


Ichiyama Shozo worked as a programmer for the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), and is now the director of Tokyo FILMeX International Film Festival. FILMeX was co-founded by Office Kitano in 2000, setting itself apart from the more mainstream and commercial TIFF by focusing on Asian cinema, with an emphasis on auteurism. Having been a part of the history of Chinese films on the global festival stage, Ichiyama stresses the consistent effort by FILMeX to include Chinese independent films since 2000, despite various incidents involving the Chinese censors and international lm festivals in the 1990s. Ichiyama observes the transformation of the Chinese film industry since 2010, and the importance of FILMeX in continually highlight independent productions (with or without state license).