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Changes in the Fields: Reflections on My Filmmaking in Gulang and Beijing

CONG Feng Translator: Chongjun LIAO


I first began making films in Gulang County, Gansu Province(甘肃古浪), followed by more recent works in Beijing where I’ve been living over the past ten years. In a sense, these two places represent the two extremes in today’s China: Beijing, as a mega-city, is well positioned as the country’s political centre, whereas Gulang is a remote and underdeveloped region that has fallen behind the times. Nevertheless, Gulang is now experiencing drastic changes as it is disrupted by the mighty power of our time. Based on my observations, I have noticed certain relationship between Beijing and Gulang. Such relationship is not to be taken in the strict causal sense; rather, it is shaped by the same seismic waves of our time.

Keywords: fields, ‘films of scarcity’, Gulang, Beijing