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Translator Biographies 译者简介

FAN Xiang received her Ph.D. in Film Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her thesis focused on the production of art cinema culture in China since the turn of the twenty-first century. Her research interests also include Chinese independent cinema and women’s cinema. She is Associate Lecturer in the Department of Media Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the subjects she teaches involve film theory and politics in audiovisual media.


HU Longbiao, has a BA and MA degree in English Literature and an MA in Translation Studies. He has taught Chinese, academic English, and MSc English-Chinese translation courses at Newcastle University, Edinburgh Napier University, and Heriot-Watt University. He is now a freelancer, working mainly in lexicography. The dictionary projects he has worked on include Oxford Intermediate Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, Oxford Chinese Dictionary, Oxford Pocket Chinese Dictionary, Xinhua Dictionary (English-Chinese edition), A Junior English-Chinese Dictionary and New EnglishChinese Learner’s Dictionary.

胡龙彪,英国文学学士、硕士,翻译学硕士。现定居英国,曾在纽卡斯尔大学、爱丁堡龙比亚大学和赫瑞 – 瓦特大学教授中文、学术英语和翻译硕士课程。目前为自由职业者,主要从事词典编纂和修订工作。 参与翻译、修订、审订或编纂的词典有《牛津中阶英汉双解词典》、《牛津 – 外研社英汉汉英词典》、《新 华字典》(英汉双语版)、《精选英汉汉英词典》、人教社《新编英汉学习词典》以及《英汉小词典》 等。

WEN Hua, PhD in Literature, Associate Professor in the School of Literature and Media of Guangzhou Southern College. Her main research areas are comparative literature and English and American literature. In recent years, she has mainly researched literary non-fiction and Chinese cinema. She has published the monographs Appreciation of Classics of Foreign Theatre Literature (2006) and Transformations of Discourse in Foreign Literary Studies (2014), and translations of The Lost Continent (with Zhang Yanrui, 2009, 2013), Our Inner Conflicts (2015), Churchill’s Classic Speeches (2018) and A Narco History (with Zhang Yanrui, 2019), and has published numerous film reviews on 

温华,文学博士,广州南方学院文学与传媒学院副教授。主要研究领域为比较文学与英美文学。近年来主要研究非虚构文学、中国电影。出版专著《外国戏剧文学经典赏析》(2006)、《外国文学 研究话语转型》(2014),译著《失落的大陆》(温华、张艳蕊 ,2009、2013)、《我们内心的冲突》 (2015)、《丘吉尔经典演讲》(2018)、《毒品史:美国与墨西哥的百年恩怨》(温华、张艳蕊 ,2019), 并有多篇影评在文汇网发表。

WU Bo has a PhD in Translation Studies. She was an Associate Professor In English Department at East China Normal University and currently lives in Budapest. She is the translator of over ten books on academic and cultural topics, and the author of a monograph, several textbooks, and more than ten academic papers.

吴波,翻译学博士,曾为华东师范大学英语系副教授,国际汉语教师,现居布达佩斯。出版英汉 – 汉英学术文化类译著多部,英文专著一部,主编和参编教材若干部,发表论文十多篇。

ZHOU Yunyun is an associate professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, Norway. She received her doctorate in Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford. She is a political sociologist with a feminist analytical approach and is exploring the use of ethnographic films in her research. Her research focuses on gender and political institutions, feminism(s), affective governance in contemporary China. She is the co-founder of the Norwegian non-profit organization FRA ØST TIL NORD.

周芸芸,挪威奥斯陆大学中国政治与社会研究副教授,在英国牛津大学当代中国研究获得博士学位。 她是一名从女权主义分析框架出发的政治社会学家,并实践田野中的影像创作。她的研究重点是当代中国的性别与政治制度、国家女权主义、情感治理与青年政治化。她的最新论文在《文化、 传播与评论》《政治与性别》等学术刊物上发表。她创办了在北欧推广亚洲文化艺术活动的非营利组织 FRA ØST TIL NORD。