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B Chinese Indie Films Distributed in Japan (incomplete)

Document compiler: NAKAYAMA Hiroki


Many Chinese independent films have been introduced to Japan since the 1990s. We have made these four tables to showcase Chinese independent films that were distributed in Japan, or screened at Japanese film festivals and various events. From these tables, we can see the close relationship between Chinese independent films and Japan.

After discussion with the two editors of this issue, Ma Ran and Tamako Akiyama, we agreed on two criteria for inclusion:

1. We only included works by directors born in Mainland China. No matter which country a film is produced in, as long as it is made by a Chinese director, it is considered a Chinese film.

2. We only included works that are more than thirty minutes in length.

The definition of Chinese independent film is ambiguous, so we adopted a broad definition. Films not produced by government propaganda departments, film channels, state-owned studios, and film conglomerates and large film companies such as Huayi Brothers are considered independent films. In addition to such independent films, there are also films that Ma Ran and Tamako Akiyama think can be included, such as films banned in China, and commercial films by directors who were once independent filmmakers. Therefore, not everything presented is an independent film, and there may be works we have missed. But I believe most of the Chinese independent films that have been screened in Japan are included in these tables.