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Launch Poster Exhibition: Chinese Independent Film Posters by Wang Wo

Curator: Chinese Independent Film Archive

Artistic Adviser: Li Xianting

Date: 18 Sept. – 10 Dec. 2023

Venue: Philip Robinson Library, Newcastle University

This exhibition of posters, curated by the Chinese Independent Film Archive (CIFA) at Newcastle University, offers a captivating window into the rich legacy of Chinese independent films and film exhibition. These posters were artistically crafted by Wang Wo, a notable graphic designer and a significant figure in the realm of Chinese independent filmmaking. The exhibited posters, meticulously chosen from over two hundred designs spanning the years from 2005 to 2023, are being presented to the public for the very first time. CIFA includes a collection of Wang’s cinematic works, soon to be also available in Newcastle University Special Collections & Archives. CIFA, located in the Old Library Building, is dedicated to the preservation of and access to Chinese independent film culture.