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Chinese Independent Film Archive (CIFA)

CIFA is dedicated to the preservation of and access to Chinese independent film culture. It holds a large and rare collection of films and footage, their associated material culture, existing publications on Chinese independent cinema in both English and Chinese, and oral history material with a wide range of stakeholders. The archive provides invaluable primary sources for teaching and researching contemporary China and opens a window onto China’s culture, society and politics for academic communities and the general public alike. Through the curation of screenings, exhibitions and symposia, academic publications, creative productions and educational activities, CIFA aims to build bridges between academia, industry and the public, ensure the legacy of Chinese independent cinema, and contribute to its future development. Located in Newcastle University, CIFA is established with the help of a research grant from UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, and continues to operate with the support of Newcastle University, UK. This website functions as a window onto the collections in the archive and a platform to showcase CIFA’s activities including publications, exhibitions and events.  

*The opinions expressed in the articles on this website do not represent the position of CIFA. The articles on this website may not be reproduced in print or any other media without written permission.


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